Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What Color Paint Should I Use?

We all know that one of the simplest ways to update a space is with a can of paint. The question remains however about what color of paint to use. If you're selling your home this is an especially important decision.

One of the first things you should do is to research your area and see what other people are using. Look at the homes for sale and see what colors are being used in areas like kitchens and dens. These will be great colors for you to consider.

Did you know that all colors have undertones? All grays have a tint to them like blue, green or even purple. This is true for all colors. Make sure that the color you choose doesn't highlight something you weren't planning on.

Your paint colors should enhance the colors in the room that are part of the fixed materials.  Pay attention to the wood finishes, countertops and tile.  These fixed materials will probably not be changed. Don't pick a color that will compete.

Now let's think about the finish. Do you want a semi-gloss or a matte finish. Semi-gloss is the most durable but it will also show imperfections in your walls. A matte finish is less durable but can hide some of the imperfections.

When you choose a color remember that colors can create emotions. A bedroom should be calm and relaxing so you might want to choose a warmer tone that makes the room feel cozy. A color that's more energetic can be used in the kitchen.  Cooler colors can make a room look larger and warmer colors can make a room look smaller.

When you choose an outside paint color, choose one that keeps in character with your neighborhood. Using tones of tan, light gray or beige can make your home look larger.

Warm colors are inviting and can give a home a little more character but bold colors may turn buyers away. Keep the ceilings and trim white to five things a clean, fresh look.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What Kind of Neighborhood Should I Consider When I Want to Buy A Home

Buying a home is an important decision. When you buy a home, most people go with emotion "How does this home make me feel?' This is a good place to start but there are some other things to consider. The area I want to chat about today is the neighborhood. 

You can assess a neighborhood in many simple ways but I would like to talk about ways that I use.

1. I walk the streets. Talk with neighbors and see how they feel about the area.

2. Determine which people are owners and which ones are renters. If there are more homeowners the neighborhood will be more stable and likely have higher real estate value.

3. How is the neighborhood maintained. Do the homes have nice yards. Do they take pride in the way the houses and lawns are kept up?

These are good indicators that this is a neighborhood that you will want to invest your time and money in.

Friday, March 31, 2017

What Kind Of Investor Would You Rather Be?

What kind of investor would you rather be?

If you invest in stocks you can learn about the company but you are just one vote in the shareholder population.
If you invest in real estate you get to choose:
Where to buy
How much to spend
How much debt you will acquire
The kinds of renovations you are going to make to your property
Who the property manager is going be
Which investor would you rather be? If you want to make a real estate investment, contact me today.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Plan to Declutter

Does a plan to declutter sound like it should be on your list? Does is sound overwhelming or do you have this under control at your house?

I think most of us have moments when decluttering is at the top of the list. We also have moments when it seems like it's such a big job that we don't even want to start or think about it so we do something else.

So let's start with a plan. Paper is one of the most annoying clutter problems in homes.  If you've like me, I don't always have the time or energy to deal with the paper. Newspaper, books, kids school work, mail, notices from work and more all take up space on my desk.

My plan to begin with was to set the timer for just 15 minutes. In this period of time I sorted papers into four piles. To Do. To File. To Recycle. To Shred. The biggest hurdle in this challenge is no reading allowed. Just sort! Did it work?

I have to report this was a successful challenge where I was able to succeed. I had four piles, two of which I was able to immediately dispose of. Gone were the shred and recycle piles and I was left with just two small piles of things to do and things to file. There was immediate relief as I reclaimed my desk and some peace of mind.

Now it's time for a happy dance.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Kitchen Thoughts

My kitchen is need of some updating so I've been reading articles about kitchen remodels and design. I realized there are some other criteria to consider other than just what kind of counter tops I want and should I paint my custom oak cabinets white.

It never occurred to me that the type of hood fan I choose might be dictated by the local building code. I sure wouldn't want to have a violation and have to redo my hood fan.

I also am thinking about drawer pulls or knobs because right now I don't have any. I do love the look of my unadorned cabinets but I know that new hardware will update the look. I just never thought about the fact that I might need two or three different types or sizes to work on all the different types of door and drawer fronts.

Then there are the counter tops. I assumed that I would just replace the counter tops with granite or quartz and straight edges like I currently have but now I'm thinking they should be an eased edge or slightly softened corners. I think that's more in style with my kitchen than the bull nosed or very rounded look.

I have thought about the sink. I already know that I want an undermount sink so it's easier to keep the area clean. It also looks so neat and tidy.

The last thing I can think about today is the toe kicks. Hmm.. I guess these don't need to match the cabinets especially if they're white. Maybe stainless steel would be good, especially with the stainless appliances.

What about you? Are you thinking about making changes or updating your kitchen. What kinds of materials are you thinking about?

Friday, March 10, 2017

Daylight Saving Time 2017

This weekend is the change to daylight saving time.  Yes, we get the pleasure of moving those clocks ahead an hour. For so many this can be a challenge. Who likes to crawl out of bed an hour earlier? It certainly can take a few days to make the adjustment.
This semi-annual ritual however is also the perfect time to change the batteries in the smoke alarms and the CO alarms in your home. As you put fresh batteries in these safety devices, you can also look forward to the sunny warmer days that are just around the corner.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Best Time To Sell Your Home?

When is the best time to sell your home?

For many sellers this is question of the day. The number of homes for sale in Seattle is near a 10 year low. When there are fewer homes for sale there are more buyers competing for each home. Currently the interest rates are also rising which makes buyers nervous about finding a home and wondering if that home will even be affordable. This has created a fervor in the market place with buyers wanting to make their purchase quickly. The end result is homes that are selling far about the list price.

So where does this leave buyers and sellers? Spring and the second quarter of the year is typically when we see the most inventory in the market. If you don't have your home ready to list, or are still thinking this might be a good time, now is a great time to find out. Call me today and let me create a Market Analysis to help determine the current value of your home. We can talk about the best time for you to sell your home. Maybe summer or even fall is a better time for you and in this market where the inventory is low, any time will be a good time if your home is well priced.