Monday, November 17, 2008

Girlfriend Saturdays

Patricia had a great idea recently. She and I have been walking on Saturday mornings for about 16 years as a way to keep in touch while having busy lives. We recently started helping each other out after the walk for three or four hours.
One Saturday she announced, "I need a wife". Don't we all, I replied. She elaborated with a list of tolerations she was meaning to get to in her house, and yard. We agreed to spend every other week helping each other. We can ask for any task, as big and messy as they come, and we set to working right after our walk and a snack. There is usually a lunch break, too, and then we are off to whatever the day has for us, gone our separate ways.
So far we have organized paperwork, put together storage shelves, and done guerrilla gardening. Here is a photo of us after 4 hours of intense gardening. The perennials were chest high, and (!) there were weeds. Now...ready for the winter and coming spring.
Thanks Patricia!

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