Thursday, April 21, 2011

Is Life worth It?

This was the question of the day.  She, talking about her dead grandfather and her mother pondering...

Here is a quote from Kate Braestrup, the  tail end of a blessing she wrote:

"Let the shadows flee, let that miraculous moment breathe, let the joy rise up you like the flowers of flame from the sacred earth on which you stand"

and here is Willie Nelson, singing: "Gravedigger" Sorry about the annoying ad that plays, but the video and song are worth a listen.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Anastasia Faiella

This woman used to be a painter, now an interior designer. I see how that can work for a visual artist.

her website:
My favorite version today of Paul Simon's "American Tune", by Darrel Scott

Remodeling or Moving, what to do

I was reading AARP magazine recently and there is an article about the option to remodel rather than move. Universal Design is the concept of (not gimpy)...a home for kids, and also for older people who may have a hard time getting around. In general, a home that works for all abled and not so able bodies, and looks...not sterile.

I am keenly aware of this as today I'm going to get my mom who has been in a nursing home for 100 days following emergency surgery prompted by cancer treatment. She would stay, but medicare won't pay after today. She had a bit of trouble getting around her house when we took her there a couple of weeks ago for a 3 hour visit.

Today she goes home to stay with her stepmom, a woman in her mid eighties. Her house has grab bars and the things one needs to get around if your body isn't so agile anymore.

By the way, my favorite Seattle Contractor is Jeff Reddan and my favorite Seattle Architect/designer is Barry Senter .

I would trust these guys to remodel my own house, or my grandmother's... 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How to steal art like an artist

Austin Kleon is a writer, and I've seen this posted by others twice this week, so here it is. Awesome. I love this!

I think I should stick to little sketches instead of writing. I'm not a wordsmith, and I love to doodle.

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Thank You Economy

I've been reading this book, The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk, and thinking about reading and connecting with people online and off. He has many great ideas in the book, including this: "the person who posts a negative comment is a customer you can talk to." (page 71)

I recently sent a comment to a man who makes soap locally, about his new packaging. His company: Ballard Organics. His soap, my favorite: Ubermoist.

This is what I said to him:

"I am a huge fan of your soap, which I found originally at the Ballard Sunday market. I recently was very disappointed to not find it at my local store. I was shopping at the Ballard Market.

I wanted to find Uber Moist.

I looked and looked and decided to by an alternative brand, which said it was FRAGRANCE FREE, hoping that would do.

I was AT THE CHECKOUT counter before I realized it was your soap, and Uber Moist.

The new packaging had me completely lost. I can't read the Uber Moist without a serious squint or my glasses. I miss the old package,and really don't like the shiny paper. It looks like the kind of paper that is coated and not recyclable.

A fan"


AND TO MY SHOCK, this is what he said back:  "Can't please everyone I guess."


On his site, it had a link for feedback. I think it should say, positive feedback only.