Friday, April 15, 2011

Remodeling or Moving, what to do

I was reading AARP magazine recently and there is an article about the option to remodel rather than move. Universal Design is the concept of (not gimpy)...a home for kids, and also for older people who may have a hard time getting around. In general, a home that works for all abled and not so able bodies, and looks...not sterile.

I am keenly aware of this as today I'm going to get my mom who has been in a nursing home for 100 days following emergency surgery prompted by cancer treatment. She would stay, but medicare won't pay after today. She had a bit of trouble getting around her house when we took her there a couple of weeks ago for a 3 hour visit.

Today she goes home to stay with her stepmom, a woman in her mid eighties. Her house has grab bars and the things one needs to get around if your body isn't so agile anymore.

By the way, my favorite Seattle Contractor is Jeff Reddan and my favorite Seattle Architect/designer is Barry Senter .

I would trust these guys to remodel my own house, or my grandmother's... 

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