Sunday, January 27, 2008

All about you

This link is to a video that pretty much sums up what the real estate client wants. I like it.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Art Chix

Once a year we do self portraits. I've been in a group called ARTCHIX for a couple of years now. That's what we are working on now. I've posted an image of my last year's self portrait.
The group consists of several women (we've lost a couple and added a couple). The group includes a professional photographer, a graphic designer, a children's book illustrator, a painter who is a therapist, a nurse/educator, a scientist, a technical writer who is also a most excellent songwriter and paper artist and me. We have a "theme" each time we get together and come up with so many versions of it, it's quite amazing. We meet at one of our houses for dinner, and talk about the process of making the art. I've been inspired by the chix's paintings, songs, drawings, multi-media, poems, performance pieces. To experience the same theme in these many ways is inspiring, and amazing, and so much fun. My best work these past few years came from working with this group.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


I had a fun time making tiny creatures this summer from The Cute Book by Aranzi Arondo. You can see a couple of images here.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Dreaming as a creative you ever think about that? For over twenty years, regularly, I had a dream journal and pencil by my bed and would write down my dreams when I woke. I sometimes couldn't read them at all if I wrote something in the night and then went back to sleep, as I would start to sleep before I stopped writing, and the writing would trail off into a long squiggle. Once, while sleeping, I took the pencil and bit on it, dreaming I was eating a pretzel. I still have that pencil. I once read a book that was a collection of dreams and drawings a woman had done based on her dreams. Well, dreams do tell us things, if we only listen.

Two houses

Many people live and play in more than one house. I do. My kids do. We are divorced. When there is a form to fill out, my kids check "divorced". They aren't out of high school yet.

Then I also stay at the world's best boyfriends house. I have space to keep things there, and it still often seems like something is missing. The socks, the mouth guard, the warm coat, the walking shoes!!!! arghhhh

Same issue when I go to my family's beach cabin near Westport, Washington. I must bring groceries, (at least the first meal, or I wake up hungry and get cranky), bedding, sheets, towels, toiletries, art supplies, warm weather clothes, cold weather clothes, a flashlight, chargers for cameras, computers, cell phones, ipods, boots, flip-flops, Dramamine for fishing, fishing gear...

I found a list of what one kid needs the other to bring from this house to their dad's:

  • work sweatshirt

  • jeans with belt

  • chucks (that means converse shoes)

  • gray fuzzy jacket

  • 3 t-shirts

In fact, I just took a hairdryer, deodorant, eye liner, soap and shampoo to my daughter at her other house. Her hair always looks better here, she says, so she's going to try to make it look good tonight.

Thinking about Dreaming

I posted the last post about dreams and then dreamt I was on Orcas Island, pushing a grade school desk around. I finally pushed it into a school where I heard some fellows playing bluegrass music. They were sitting at the front door smoking...and getting a mean look from the secretary, but not caring. I walked outside and realized I was lost. I tried to use the phone to call my boyfriend but in the dream my phone needed to be re-booted and then I didn't have his number. I asked for help and got on a bus to the downtown area, which for some reason had a handful of skyscrapers and a police helicopter that had just crashed. I found the bus for the neighborhood I was going to. Several people were getting on. The fare was $4.05. The guy in front of me asked why the .o5? The bus driver didn't know, and the guy in front of me couldn't find his money. I fumbled for my change in my bag. I had several bags and had a hard time finding the correct one. I apologised to the bus driver, who was kind and said it was fine.

Then I woke up, and the first thing I looked at seemed like one of those space scenes in the movies where the stars are going by extremely fast. I thought about life as the great illusion.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Art and Real Estate

Ever wonder how the art gets into a Real Estate office? Some people buy it, some people loan it, some people have their artist friends set up a loaner show. In the Windermere Real Estate/Fauntleroy,Inc. office I work in...we are pleased to have Gary Faigin's paintings on loan.

We are very pleased to have them here.