Thursday, January 17, 2008

Two houses

Many people live and play in more than one house. I do. My kids do. We are divorced. When there is a form to fill out, my kids check "divorced". They aren't out of high school yet.

Then I also stay at the world's best boyfriends house. I have space to keep things there, and it still often seems like something is missing. The socks, the mouth guard, the warm coat, the walking shoes!!!! arghhhh

Same issue when I go to my family's beach cabin near Westport, Washington. I must bring groceries, (at least the first meal, or I wake up hungry and get cranky), bedding, sheets, towels, toiletries, art supplies, warm weather clothes, cold weather clothes, a flashlight, chargers for cameras, computers, cell phones, ipods, boots, flip-flops, Dramamine for fishing, fishing gear...

I found a list of what one kid needs the other to bring from this house to their dad's:

  • work sweatshirt

  • jeans with belt

  • chucks (that means converse shoes)

  • gray fuzzy jacket

  • 3 t-shirts

In fact, I just took a hairdryer, deodorant, eye liner, soap and shampoo to my daughter at her other house. Her hair always looks better here, she says, so she's going to try to make it look good tonight.

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