Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thinking about Dreaming

I posted the last post about dreams and then dreamt I was on Orcas Island, pushing a grade school desk around. I finally pushed it into a school where I heard some fellows playing bluegrass music. They were sitting at the front door smoking...and getting a mean look from the secretary, but not caring. I walked outside and realized I was lost. I tried to use the phone to call my boyfriend but in the dream my phone needed to be re-booted and then I didn't have his number. I asked for help and got on a bus to the downtown area, which for some reason had a handful of skyscrapers and a police helicopter that had just crashed. I found the bus for the neighborhood I was going to. Several people were getting on. The fare was $4.05. The guy in front of me asked why the .o5? The bus driver didn't know, and the guy in front of me couldn't find his money. I fumbled for my change in my bag. I had several bags and had a hard time finding the correct one. I apologised to the bus driver, who was kind and said it was fine.

Then I woke up, and the first thing I looked at seemed like one of those space scenes in the movies where the stars are going by extremely fast. I thought about life as the great illusion.

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