Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Polaroid Cameras

I was thinking of technology the other day as I took a Polaroid photo of a friend to make a kitchy calendar for the refrigerator, with a tiny premade calendar stuck on below it, and a magnet on the back.

I bought that camera in 1987 when I was in Real Estate and a new agent in Seattle. We would take our data (printed on dot matrix printers, and cut with a paper cutter) and glue them on to a page. Above the data about the homes that we were comparing, we would add a photograph.

If we had time, we would take the photos with a 35 mm camera, and then have them developed and glue them above the data. If we didn't have time, and were in a rush to get the information to the client, we drove through neighborhoods, taking Polaroid photos and gluing them onto the top of the page...

My daughters said, "You know, mom, they are going to stop making Polaroid film. Everything digital now." I realized I've had the camera for 21 years. It was a very good 25 dollar investment.

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