Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Seeing Art

I recently took a class from Rita Natarova and it changed how I look at things. Granted, had I ever studied art formally, I would have learned this type of thinking and looking that the old masters used and students are taught, but, I'm a renegade, and have just lurched along, making art my way, and wondering why some of the things I make don't end up looking like I ha imagined.

There are edges, hard sharp edges of things, and soft edges, and shades of light to dark that I hadn't really notices before, and when artists hold out their paintbrushes and squint at things, I never really knew what they were doing. In fact, I was embarrased to ask in the class. Rita said, don't guess...everything is in front of you, just measure it. (How?)

Here are two pieces I made one before Rita's class, and one after, both worked on from the same sketch. I am improving! It's not too late to teach an old dog....

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