Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jury Duty

Whew! They didn't pick me for a two week (first trial) or a three week (second) trial, so I was sent home after only two grueling days serving on Jury duty downtown Seattle. Bus. People. Fluorescent lights (so bright, they could seriously make a prisoner of war crack) in the room they had us waiting in. I brought sunglasses to wear the second day so I could tolerate the lights. The slow, grind of justice. I am not sure how random this process really is. Last year I was summoned, and served on a trial. This year, out of 55 possible jurors. 25 asked to be let go for hardship in the first minute. The stories! The drama! The pleading! I am quite sure the guy accused of stabbing a woman, or the the bloodshot eyed businessman disputing an eminent domain case thought the jurors complaints were small compared to the hell they were in. Well, I've done my civic duty for the month. I'll be so happy when I get the check in the mail for twenty dollars for my trouble.


Anonymous said...

Jury duty, again?! What's up with that? It really is torture though. They should put it in the geneva convention or something.

D.Lisa said...

One person told me they'd served on Jury duty many years ago and the process is much better and streamlined. There are showers in the jury deliberation rooms, which gives me a glimpse of some other type of torture. Imagine not being able to leave the courthouse for days and days.

Anonymous said...

Showers? That's taking it a bit far.