Monday, October 5, 2009

NO BLOGGING about bad real estate photos

New rule from the NWMLS. Northwest Multiple Listing Service.

NO BLOGGING! Check this box, if you allow blogging. I am not allowed to give my opinion on a blog about anyone's property. What? Well, here is my favorite worst photo of the day. I won't say what house it is from, because it's a good representation of a million bad photos. Really...people! Hire a professional photographer. Please.


John Channings said...

D. Lisa that photo is a shocker all right.

As for NWMLS and their no blogging rule; sounds like they don't want the truth to be told.
I say; "too late!" We are in the age of blogging and the truth will be out.
Kind of naive of NWMLS to think that they have the authority to censor blogging.

D.Lisa said...

Well, it will be a fine to me...if I do read another person's opinion here: