Monday, December 7, 2009

The Oldest People on the Street

The other day I was feeling old, creaky, and just plain worn out. (That's right, I am only in my fifties)...then I looked out the window, and caught a glimpse of my neighbor, an older woman (in her 80's who is Norwegian. At one recent block party we all remarked that while we may get older and die, she'll be re-roofing her house and outliving us all. She showed up to that event with a party platter, cut meats cheeses, lefse that she made herself, and gave all a jar of homemade jam.
So, as I limped to the window, imagine my shame as I saw this gal outside, in her boots and rain gear, hauling around her hose. I thought, what? She is washing her house? It turns out she was washing her windows, outside with a long handled contraption I can only think she made herself in her basement. Here is what she looked like:

The New York Times had this little essay by Michael Winerip on a similar line of thinking.

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