Thursday, July 21, 2016

Design Trends To Stay Away From

Every month there is a magazine that talks about a new design trend. Some of these are good and some are, lets say, have lost their appeal. Interior design trends follow fashion trends. The trick is to determine which ones will stay and be "classic" and which ones will go.

Some of the trends that are no longer popular are:

1. Carpeting in the master bathroom - hard to keep clean
2. Plantation shutters - just too dark
3. Curtains over closets - what are you hiding and what didn't you finish?
4. Word are - too personal and distracting to a buyer
5. Accent walls - a focal point that can limit a rooms use and colors
6. Wallpaper - hard to remove and change the look of a room
7. Faux - faux is just that, fake

What is your favorite design trend and do you think it will stand the test of time?

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