Friday, August 5, 2016

Community Art Installations

                                          Photo credit: Ian Terry/The Herald

As a community, we're getting more accustomed to public art displays.  I've just learned about a new installation in Edmonds called “Luminous Forest.” This involves 177 LED solar lights that have been installed on 4th Ave N from Main Street to the Edmonds Center For The Arts. Created by  Iole Alessandrini who has training in lighting and architecture. This art installation you can drive over and it can also be triggered by interaction with people. The lights start to come on at 20 minutes after sunset and it takes 7 minutes for the entire street to be activated.

I think I might be driving to Edmonds this weekend to check out the lighted art. How about you, have you been to see this community art?

Lighted Art In Edmonds 

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