Thursday, March 16, 2017

Kitchen Thoughts

My kitchen is need of some updating so I've been reading articles about kitchen remodels and design. I realized there are some other criteria to consider other than just what kind of counter tops I want and should I paint my custom oak cabinets white.

It never occurred to me that the type of hood fan I choose might be dictated by the local building code. I sure wouldn't want to have a violation and have to redo my hood fan.

I also am thinking about drawer pulls or knobs because right now I don't have any. I do love the look of my unadorned cabinets but I know that new hardware will update the look. I just never thought about the fact that I might need two or three different types or sizes to work on all the different types of door and drawer fronts.

Then there are the counter tops. I assumed that I would just replace the counter tops with granite or quartz and straight edges like I currently have but now I'm thinking they should be an eased edge or slightly softened corners. I think that's more in style with my kitchen than the bull nosed or very rounded look.

I have thought about the sink. I already know that I want an undermount sink so it's easier to keep the area clean. It also looks so neat and tidy.

The last thing I can think about today is the toe kicks. Hmm.. I guess these don't need to match the cabinets especially if they're white. Maybe stainless steel would be good, especially with the stainless appliances.

What about you? Are you thinking about making changes or updating your kitchen. What kinds of materials are you thinking about?

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