Friday, May 12, 2017

There's An App for That

It seems like everyone uses phone apps these days and we all have our favorites. There are a number that I use and the kids and friends use. Some of these of course are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and several real estate ones. The Northwest Multiple Listing Service has a HomeSpotter App, the title companies have apps to help determine closing costs, mortgage payments, closing dates and more. There are apps to estimate room sizes, control your smart home, post to your social media and more. You can edit photos with apps, you can choose room colors with paint color apps. What ever you want to do, someone has probably created an app for it. You want to know what your horoscope it? How about what your luck will be today with an Magic 8 Ball app.  Their are wayfinding apps and now I've just learned that the Washington DOT has updated their mobile app. Using your phone’s GPS, My Routes tracks your trips and saves them within the app. Once it’s saved, you can then choose to automatically add content like traffic cameras, available travel times, ferry schedules and mountain pass reports to your favorites. 

 What apps do you like to use? Let me know and I'll check them out too. 

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