Friday, June 30, 2017

What I Wish Buyer and Sellers Knew About Realtors

I'm a real estate professional and in conversations with people over the years, I find there are many things people do not know about realtors.

Realtors are not overpaid. We  don't get paid until a property closes which means until that happens we work for free. We list houses, we advertise, we show houses, we answer questions at all times of the day and night, we advise based on many years of experience and at the end of the days of providing service, we do expect to be paid. This is a contingency based business.

Realtors are not the same. Each person has their own style and like every business, some agents are better than others. We each have our own style and way of providing information and service and each agent should have they're own strength and provide service in a way that other agents don't.

We can sell any home that is listed in the multiple listing service and and we can also negotiate private sales. Your best bet is to pick one agent and establish a relationship with that agent so they know your wants and needs.

A for sale by owner company cannot do what a licensed realtor does. They do not have the exposure and they do not know how to keep a deal from falling apart. They do not know how to do the paperwork and they do not know how negotiate on your behalf.

You cannot accurately price your home based on neighbors house. Realtors do have access to more information than the public does. Your house should not be priced based on the price of homes currently for sale, but what homes have been sold for in your area.

Realtors work hard. It may look easy but a successful agent has many hours of training and experience to create a successful experience for their clients. We work many hours and sometimes miss out on the commission in the end.

If you do use a successful realtor however he or she is successful because of their hard work and you will not be disappointed.

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