Friday, July 28, 2017

Floors and More

According to HGTV the top request of buyers is hardwood floors. In fact according to studies, 54% of buyers were willing to pay more for hardwood floors.

Owners still choose oak floors in many areas, but owners of contemporary homes are choosing to stain floors in different colors. Other trends include wider planks, the use of reclaimed wood or exotic woods such as hickory or walnut.

If homeowners are on a budget, laminate is also a choice to be considered.

People that have allergies, usually want easy to clean surfaces such as hardwoods so that is also a consideration.

Hardwood floors will last longer, be easier to clean and can also be refinished.

Carpet is a less expensive alternative to floor coverings with the cost ranging  from $3-$5 per foot compared to $9-$12 per foot for hardwoods. 

The bottom line however is personal choice. Many people want carpet in a bedroom because they want a softer and warmer floor. Carpets also reduce noise if you live in a multi-story house.

These are things to consider in your own home or in a home that you are looking to purchase.

What is  your flooring preference?

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