Friday, October 27, 2017

Thinking About Moving?

Are you thinking about moving? According to this graphic there are three major reasons that people are moving. Maybe you're just plain tired of your present home. You don't want to really want to remodel and maybe the home you're living in just isn't suited to the kind of space that you want in a home. Moving seems to be the best choice here.

The second most commen reason for moving is increasing family size. I think it could also be that family size is reducing or certainly changing. Maybe you're thinking about a multi-generational home or having a baby. Maybe you're downsizing because the kids have all moved out. In any case, the household dynamics are changing.

And then we have the age old getting married or moving in with a partner. Very common scenario. All great reasons for moving.

Remember, I can help. I love to help my friends, family and clients through these transitions. Are you thinking about a change in your living space in 2018? Let's talk!

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