Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Staging Your For Sale Home

If you've been looking for a new home to buy, no doubt you've been in lots of homes already. Did you think about how you felt about the house when you walked in? Do you know why you liked or didn't like that home? Curb appeal is certainly a contributing factor but how about the furnishings.

A homeowner who is selling their home wants to appeal to as many people as they can. How can you do this in your home? The easiest way to help those potential buyers "move in" to your home is by removing your personal belongings. Help those buyers envision this house, as the perfect home for them, the one they've always wanted to lived in. You don't want to sell the house with your "lived in" look but instead, stage your home with neutral belongings. A staging professional will remove the clutter and create the sense of a warm, inviting atmosphere.

This is a good time to appeal to the emotions of a home and the neighborhood. Who will most likely buy your home? Is it a single person living in the city or is more likely to be a growing family? Maybe it will be a couple or friends so think about how your home fits into the neighborhood.

Fresh paint, designer furniture and accessories meant to appeal to the perfect buyer will enhance your homes appeal. This is a best reason to use a staging professional when you sell your home.

Remember that you can control the message your home displays to potential buyers. Make it the best that you can and let's chat about the benefits of using a staging professional.  ~ D. Lisa

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