Sunday, June 12, 2016

Thinking About Retirement

I believe all of us think about retirement. Time to do creative endeavors, travel or just have a more relaxed schedule. The next question of course is where do I want to retire to? Am I happy here in the Seattle area or wherever I'm living or do I want to be a snowbird with a winter and summer home? Maybe I just want to move to another place all together.

As with most of these questions there has been a survey created or statistics gathered. The latest one that I have seen is from Market Watch who looked at where retirees are actually moving. From that list, here are the destinations. Are you thinking about moving? Have you picked a location?

10. Delaware
9.   Tennessee
8.    Nevada
7.    Oregon
6.    Texas
5.    North Carolina
4.    Georgia
3.    South Carolina
2.    Arizona
1.    Florida

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