Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cell Phones

In 1989 I got my first "car phone"...hard wired into my car. 300 minutes a month cost 300 dollars. Now, even though illegal, 3 out of 5 drivers I saw on the road today were chatting away, holding the phones to their heads, shaking their heads and laughing...frowning. Really, who is driving?

And I ate at the Northgate Nordstrom store where the food was excellent, the service was fast and courteous, and the music was fairly loud and annoying (to get you to move out and shop, perhaps) and the woman behind me, took a call on her cell..."HELLO!", she yelled? ARE YOU IN TOWN?" she continued, yelling..."I am so glad to talk to you!"

Louder than the obnoxious musac, so off I went, to my own car, where my cell phone is on mute.

Maybe it's only because I have had a phone in my car for 20 years (wow) that I find that others using theirs like every tiny unimportant conversation is necessary to take RIGHT NOW!...annoys me. But, really, do you need to yell in a restaurant? swerve on the highway? Sometimes I want to go back to the day when the phones were attached to a wall in a home. At least then, if you didn't want to hear someones conversation, you could leave them to their call. Now, they can just wander up and talk in your face.

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Anonymous said...

I'll second that. As you know, I like technology, but I don't like it for it's own sake. I hate being forced to listen to other people's cell phone conversations. Obnoxious! People are communicating with technology more and more these days but seem to have less and less of substance to say.