Saturday, February 28, 2009

Getting Lost

I get lost sometimes, even with my navigational device in my car. Especially in Lake Forest Park. Apparently, the address doesn't exist in the map my car has, so each time I go to my friend Diane's house, I end up calling her in a panic, saying I am lost again, where she calmly guides me through the neighborhood while standing on her porch on her walk around phone, saying soothing things, like, "you are almost here, I can hear you, get ready to turn left." I blame getting lost in Lake Forest Park to the city "planners" who named the streets and decided the logic in the names and numberings. I've been lost there so many times, I think I am getting somewhere, because the scenery seems familiar. I only just realized it's because I've been LOST there before.

I have another friend who says she has a form of dyslexia where her brain doesn't understand spacial relations. She sent me to this website: where some scientists are putting a name on that.

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