Thursday, February 12, 2009

Plumbing, contractors and all that

Wow, I have had a glimpse into the reality of home ownership. I have decided the best way to enjoy a home is to constantly repair and beautify it. My house is a home built in the 1940's and remodeled from time to time since then. It seems that every time a system breaks, I get to see how well the person who fixed or remodeled it last did it, and, it turns out, I am constantly disappointed. The latest sad story is the bathroom leaked into the lower level. Two places, same reason. Bad workmanship from the person who did the last bathroom remodel. The shower, and the toilet...both leaking into walls and floors.
Which brings me to the next observation. There are contractors who people refer because they are awesome. I have had a plumber, a tile guy, and a fix it guy...all stomping through my house with their dirty shoes on, and leaving a mess. (Actually, they clean up somewhat, but there is still dust, grime and dirt, and spare parts left behind) If only these guys would do a great job, and clean up! Would I be happy then?
Maybe when the fan works again...

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